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Stall Allotment

ताजमहोत्सव - 2022 में लगने वाले विभिन्न प्रकार के शुल्क निम्नवत निर्धारित किये गयेः-
क्रमांक स्टाल का विवरण निर्धारित शुल्क
01 शिल्पी स्टाल रु० 16000/- (रु० सोलह हज़ार)
02 शिल्पी ओपन स्टाल रु० 22000/- (रु० बाईस हज़ार)
03 शिल्पी प्राइम लोकेशन स्टाल रु० 24000/- (रु० चैबीस हजार)
04 कामर्शियल स्टाल रु० 50000/- (रु० पचास हजार)
05 फास्ट फूड स्टाल रु० 55000/- (रु० पचपन हज़ार)
06 वेज फूड स्टाल रु० 60000/- (रु० साठ हज़ार)
07 नानवेज फूड स्टाल रु० 80000/- (रु० अस्सी हज़ार)
उपरोक्त शुल्क पर 18% जी॰एस॰टी॰ अतिरिक्त देय होगा।


The fees for the allotment of stall shall be in form of Demand Draft in favour of "Secretary, Taj Mahotsav Samiti" payable at Agra.

Terms and conditions

  • The Taj Mahotsav Samiti has the rights to accept/reject the application for the allotment of shop/stall.
  • You shall not be allowed to display or sale any other products except the material for which you have been selected.
  • You have to produce allotment letter in original with your signature to the appropriate authority before taking possession of the stall at the venue.
  • You are advised to insure your products against fire, theft, accident & natural calamities. The Taj Mahotsav Samiti shall not be responsible for any liabilities and compensation.
  • The selected artisans have to report at the venue (Shilpgram) on 19-03-2022 positively.
  • The selected participants will be infiormed directly through letter- fax, telephone.
  • Your goods must be insured. The craftsmen will not get allotment of their stall without furnishing insurance documents.
  • In all matters the decision of the Chairman, Taj Mahotsav Samiti, Agra shall be final and acceptable.
  • Use of Polythene and Plastics is strictly prohibited. Smoking and all sorts of toxications (alcohol etc.) is also strictly prohibited.
  • Banner/Signages are not to be displayed in the stall.
  • If allottee is found involved in illegal activities the allotment of the stall shall be cancelled and deposited amount shall be forfeited.
  • No travelling and dearness allowance or accommodation facility will be given to you.
  • If there is any Dispute, the competent Court will be Agra Jurisdiction.
  • The Participants have to bring two passport size photographs which are very much essential for Entry pass.
  • Only two persons will be allowed at the stall.
  • The Participants have to bring their ID Proof for verification purpose.

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