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Stall Allotment

ताजमहोत्सव - 2020 में लगने वाले विभिन्न प्रकार के शुल्क निम्नवत निर्धारित किये गयेः-
क्रमांक स्टाल का विवरण निर्धारित शुल्क
01 शिल्पी स्टाल रु० 18000/- (रु० अठारह हजार)
02 शिल्पी ओपन स्टाल रु० 24000/- (रु० चैबीस हजार)
03 शिल्पी प्राइम लोकेशन स्टाल रु० 24000/- (रु० चैबीस हजार)
04 कामर्शियल स्टाल रु० 50000/- (रु० पचास हजार)
05 फास्ट फूड स्टाल रु० 50000/- (रु० पचास हजार)
06 वेज फूड स्टाल रु० 55000/- (रु० पचपन हजार)
07 नानवेज फूड स्टाल रु० 70000/- (रु० सत्तर हजार)
उपरोक्त शुल्क पर जी॰एस॰टी॰ अतिरिक्त देय होगा।


The fees for the allotment of stall shall be in form of Demand Draft in favour of "Secretary, Taj Mahotsav Samiti" payable at Agra.

Terms and conditions

  • The Taj Mahotsav Samiti has the rights to accept/reject the application for the allotment of shop/stall.
  • You shall not be allowed to display or sale any other products except the material for which you have been selected.
  • You have to produce allotment letter in original with your signature to the appropriate authority before taking possession of the stall at the venue.
  • You are advised to insure your products against fire, theft, accident & natural calamities. The Taj Mahotsav Samiti shall not be responsible for any liabilities and compensation.
  • The selected artisans have to report at the venue (Shilpgram) on 17-03-2018 positively.
  • The selected participants will be infiormed directly through letter- fax, telephone.
  • Your goods must be insured. The craftsmen will not get allotment of their stall without furnishing insurance documents.
  • In all matters the decision of the Chairman, Taj Mahotsav Samiti, Agra shall be final and acceptable.
  • Use of Polythene and Plastics is strictly prohibited. Smoking and all sorts of toxications (alcohol etc.) is also strictly prohibited.
  • Banner/Signages are not to be displayed in the stall.
  • If allottee is found involved in illegal activities the allotment of the stall shall be cancelled and deposited amount shall be forfeited.
  • No travelling and dearness allowance or accommodation facility will be given to you.
  • If there is any Dispute, the competent Court will be Agra Jurisdiction.
  • The Participants have to bring two passport size photographs which are very much essential for Entry pass.
  • Only two persons will be allowed at the stall.
  • The Participants have to bring their ID Proof for verification purpose.

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