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 Artists Details 2012

A child prodigy born in 1984. Indian Music is her soul, and her talent was discovered by the show SAREGAMA conducted by Zee TV. Shreya began her career in playback singing with the megamovie Devdas. Her repertoire includes songs in Regional Languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Bengali & Marathi. She has won many awards including the prestigious National Awards.


A Student of Indian Classical music from the age of 12, Kailash Kher was inspired by the legendary Sufi Singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Kher has a raw , soulful, high pitched voice, which makes him a unique sufi singer. His singing sears into the hearts of his listeners making his songs unforgettable and all-time favourites.


His name "Jagjit" means one who triumphs over the world. True to his name Jagjit Singh rules over every heart that beats in appreciation of a ghazal. He introduced melody, freshness and a soulfulness to the genre of ghazals , which appealed immensely to the public at large and made him one of the most famous and popular ghazal singers of modern times.


A musical trio consisting of Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, and Loy Mendonsa, they have teamed together to provide spell-binding and foot-tapping music for several Indian films. Their music is a rich fusion of Indian Classical Music and Western Rock, and amply exhibits their technical expertise as composers and orchestral arrangers. Their compositions have a vibrant and youthful spirit and many have  become

chart- toppers in Indian Film Music.


Born into the fifth generation of musicians, Puranchand Wadali and Pyarelal Wadali, sing in the gurbani, kaafi, ghazal and bhajan genres of music. They believe in the Sufi tradition and consider themselves as a medium to pass on the preachings of great saints.Their songs are tinged with deep spirituality and sung freely as a homage to divinity.


A young and exceptionally talented singer, Raja Hasan was a Finalist at the SaReGaMa Talent Show on Zee TV. His voice has a raw energy and an honesty which is transcendant in his songs and has made him very popular amongst the youth.


A gifted singer, Sumedha is a discovery of the SaReGaMa Talent Contest organized by ZeeTV. Blessed with a pristine voice, her songs have an innocence and purity which has made her an appreciated and popular singer and helped her to achieve fame at this young age.


The extremely talented duo, Kapil and VIP are the star attraction of the popular comedy show "Comedy Circus". They excel in mimicry, acting and comedy. Possessed with excellent comic timing, they also have an innovative and bold sense of humour which keeps the audience laughing throughout their performance.


Jasbir Khanuja, popularly known as Jasbir Jassi was born on May 4, 1982 in Punjab. He trained in Indian Classical music and has presently gained popularity among the youth as a POP Singer. His compositions are deeply influenced by Indian Folk music.


A child prodigy, Sunidhi claims that music is her life and her passion. She has numerous accomplishments and awards credited to her name, and has sung over 2000 songs in hindi and other regional languages. Her performances are packed with youthful energy and vivacity.


A self-confident and melodious singer, Malini Awasthi hails from Kannauj, U.P. She was among the top three finalists of JUNOON a singing competition onNDTV Imagine channel. She represented the Maati Ke Laal team.


The Aryans trio consists of Jai Walia, D.J. Narain and Sadashivan, who are all professionally into myriad fields. The unique feature of this band is that vocal, lyrics and composition are all done by the group members themselves. Their rock music is melodious and meaningful and very popular with the youth.



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